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GeM Registration

Gem registration is a short version of DGS&D's one-stop government e-marketplace, allowing common users to purchase goods and services. Gem registration is a dynamic, autonomous, and user-friendly site allowing government officers to make purchases. Public procurement is an important move of government activity, and reforming it is one of the current administration's major goals. The government e-marketplace is a bold move to transform how government ministries and departments, public sector undertakings, and other apex autonomous entities of the Central Government acquire products and Gem registration services.

The Gem registration support on e-Marketplace is a one-stop shop for online procurement of various goods and services. When it comes to public procurement, the fundamental purpose of the Government e-marketplace is to provide the maximum level of transparency, speed, and efficiency. Combining the best features of e-bidding, demand aggregation, and reverse e- auction using Gem registration in Tamil Nadu is feasible.

GeM Registration
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Registration on the GeM Portal

  • Startups, MSMEs, and Emporium items have their sections and provisions.
  • The platform is fully online, paperless, and contactless.
  • For a single order, there are multiple invoices.
  • Bidding/reverse auction participation is simple.
  • All sellers will see the grounds for rejection.
  • Sellers have access to a user-friendly dashboard for tracking supply and payments.
  • At the bidding time, sellers from the North-East states and J&K are exempt from ITR.
  • Pricing that changes based on market conditions is known as dynamic pricing.
  • Access to government agencies and their organizations on a one-on-one basis

The features and benefits of our government e-marketplace are listed below.

  • For monitoring, selling, payments, and supplies, the Gem registration support offer a seller-friendly dashboard.
  • It gives us instant entrance to all of the government's departments.
  • Sellers might gain from recommending new products to purchasers.
  • It may be used as a one-stop shop for various marketing needs with no effort.
  • It provides a single entry point for bids and reverses auctions on various items and services.
  • It has a dynamic pricing feature that allows the price to be adjusted and updated in response to market conditions.

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